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Nutritive hair care collection!


Emerged from the lands of Ayurveda, our advanced haircare range is developed to target multiple hair concerns. We bring to you an exquisite, toxin-free collection to prevent hair loss and treat dry, damaged hair.


Handpicked with diligence, these rare jewels from the golden pages of Ayurveda are blended to formulate exquisite skin and hair care products.

A Brush of Perfection

The ultimate 3-step skincare routine to attain healthy, balanced, and lustrous skin!​


Our Happy Clients

I used the anti-acne pack yesterday and it’s amazing. I was experiencing acne and with just 1 application, the acne settled down. I was amazed with the results. Also the lip scrub has an amazing smell.


I used the lip scrub, it’s really amazing. It makes my lips so soft and pinky. I had little blackness in the sides, but now it’s natural pink and feels very soft. My scars are also vanishing with the anti-acne pack.


I used your anti-dandruff hair pack. It is super duper, it has been one week since I have used it and the dandruff is nowhere to be seen and my hair feels so smooth. After so many packs, finally you came to my rescue. Also the lip scrub has moisturised my lips and has a great fragrance. Seriously thank you !


Hey, the bridal pack is amazing, my skin looks better without make up also and I am totally happy with the way my skin looks right now. I have no words to describe, it’s totally wow. Your products are too good. Thank you !​


Hi, got your box. I really love all the products. The lip scrub is superb and the skin revitalising gel gave results in just 1 application. You are amazing. Thank you. Also the hair mask gives unbelievable results. I applied the body scrub today and it’s just amazing, my skin is glowing !


Hi, I have used all the packs, bridal, skin lightening and premium brightening. All are amazing and I can’t believe the skin lightening pack will start working from first use only, didn’t expect this at all. My skin doesn’t look tanned anymore, you seem to be a magician who knows how to bang on the problems just on the 1st use. Thank you so much, much love !


I used your premium brightening pack, my skin feels really soft and I got the glow in first time only. I am really happy because I have used many herbal products but I never got such results. I could feel the authenticity of the ingredients and it smells divine. Thanks !


Hi, I tried your charcoal soap yesterday, it is really very good and magical. The dark spots and blemishes on my face really got lightened and my face is glowing a lot. Thanks a ton, I’m surely your regular customer now !


Hi, got your products few days back and I’m so happy. The rose water is just the best of what I have used so far. So cool and refreshing, my skin feels so soft and vibrant. It is seriously amazing. The skin revitalising gel got absorbed into my skin in few minutes and gave me an even look. You hair oil is really good too !


Hi, I used your anti-tan pack and loved it so much. It really worked great and helped me to lighten my very deep pigmentation. Thank you for the amazing products. I’ll shop more soon !


Hi, I’ve been using your hairfall prevention oil since over a week now and I’m seeing a difference in my hair. My hairfall has seriously stopped and my hair is much more nourished now. Thank you !


I have been using your skin revitalising gel and clay soap and I’m loving both. I have replaced my normal face wash with your clay soap and results are great. The skin revitalising gel has helped me reduce all the uneven skin tone and patchiness. Thank you so much for the amazing products. Will keep shopping more and more !


Hi, I just got the parcel. I loved the fragrance of rose water and I’m so obsessed with the clay soap. You’re a life saver for everyone and I’m just overwhelmed. No words can describe you and moreover you’re a lovely soul. Skin is the major thing in life playing a very important role. When it comes to sensitivity, your products are the best. I trust you so much, thank you !


Hi, I was just scrolling down through insta and found your profile. I had an idea you would do some magic and it worked. I am amazed with the lip balm, the moisture of it stays for so long. My skin has really started to glow with the skin lightening pack. The bridal soap and bridal pack are doing wonders. I loved it ! I basically have no words for your products. Thanks a million !


Hi, the bridal pack is more than amazing. I can literally feel the difference, I’m like totally amazed. After one application, I could feel something. My lips feel very soft with the lip scrub and lip balm too. Thanks a ton !


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We do not support animal testing. Our products are curated using natural ingredients only. All products are free of parabens, chemicals, sulphates, and artificial colours.

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